Thursday, September 29, 2011

First Day in Thailand

What a whirlwind day we have had, and the night is young. We are about to head out to see the famous "walking street" to share the love of Jesus with prostitutes. I hope to sketch, but I am also exhausted, so who knows if that will happen.

My favorite memory today was when I pulled out some watercolor paints in the slum, and began painting with a few kids. It was all very spontaneous, which made it all the more fun. The team enjoyed reading to the children, playing and singing with the children, helping to give them a meal, helping in passing out dresses that had been made for them back in America, and playing soccer with them (Pastor Wayne.)

I can hear Asian sounding music outside my window which is heralding the evening night life Thailand is famous for. I hate to leave my room - my bed is calling me! However, here I go out into the thick of it!

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