Friday, September 2, 2011

Art In My Suitcases

I John 3:16 in Hungarian

As I travel to faraway Cambodia on my journey with art/faith/story, this time I may need a stack of suitcases for the art and art supplies. So, I've chosen the stack of suitcases for this blog to celebrate my travels and my treasures of art making all over the world. And now, Cambodia. I've never been there!

I am preparing to travel with a gifted team, 14 men and women, to Cambodia in just a few short weeks. The team is hoping to accomplish many excellent things on this trip. We are dreaming and praying we will be a part of healing and light in that region of the world, and we hope to pass on some skills that many people can use for jobs and greater self-sufficiency.

One part of the team, with me right in there, is hoping to use art to share our faith and our stories. We hope art making times will cause space for many women and children to share their stories through art. Each of our stories are important to God and to each one in our smaller community of family and friends. They are full of purpose and meaning, and so, we should share are stories. Sometimes, it is easier to share through art making. 

I made the above collage as a way to share part of my faith and story when I was in Hungary. I'm showing, through the art, how deep and overflowing God's love for each of us truly is in providing a Savior, Jesus. (Thus, the cross with the hearts spilling over in abundance.) This faith in Jesus is central to my story.

I am painting papers and gathering all sorts of supplies for this next trip. To be continued soon!

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