Monday, October 3, 2011

Pattaya, Prostitute Bars

God is on the Move, Painting by Marcia

While we were staying in Pattaya, I asked for time to respond as an artist. We had seen some horrible, disturbing things that are almost impossible to comprehend. The walking streets with endless brothels, filled with young ladies, young men and "lady boys'  hedged in behind counters/bars and poles for dancing were visually, spiritually disturbing to me. I felt profoundly sad for them. I felt accosted by the large neon signs broadcasting the "selling" of all sorts of girls, boys and actions. The menus were not filled with items to eat, but rather sex acts available.

Meeting prostitutes and Lady Boys at night, playing Jengo and Connect four with one prostitute was a unique experience, to say the least.  I love connecting with fellow men and women who share their stories with me, but hanging in a brothel in Thailand is a first. Yet, my team and I were there trying to connect with a few girls one night at a brothel friends in a ministry frequent. We extend worth and value in our smiles and spending time with them, playing Connect 4. We pray, pray, pray they come to know their Maker, the lover of their souls. We pray they come to know Jesus' love. They are his artwork, they just don't know it, yet.

I decided to paint Pattaya as a scroll about to be rolled up with the coming of the Holy Spirit. I know God is on the move, and His kingdom is advancing. Even in Pattaya, Thailand, a place where everything and everyone is for sale. I am still working on the painting, and God is still working in Pattaya! Stay tuned! He is the God of the city.

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