Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Toys!

Two of my daughters gave me gift cards to Michael's Craft Store for my birthday. (Yes, it's that time of year again, and after all the travel, I am feeling my age a bit this time. The grandsons think I've slowed a bit!) 

I am so thankful for my daughters. They have watched many different chapters of my life, and they are still encouraging me in my walk with Jesus and in life. Also, I guess they just might know what is on my heart these days. 

So, with Michael's gift cards in hand, along with Katie, 3 grandsons, we hit the area Michael's store. I began searching out some "new toys" to use to help others tell their stories. There is always something more one can pick up from the vast resources of the USA, but I am always weighing out keeping it simple. Then, I remind myself I should use resources I find where I go for the art.

I am learning that certain colors have very different significance than the same colors in America. For example, white is a color of mourning, not black. I have much to lean as I prepare to go.

I think I'll go experiment with these new toys...taking my grandsons on this journey while I spend this week with them. 

Caleb Painting


  1. Thanks for asking, Pat. September 16. Happy to say as day four winds down, I am gaining energy. The AC in the house is a huge blessing - one we would have enjoyed in Hungary:-)