Saturday, September 24, 2011

Art Supplies

Art Supplies for Sharing Our Stories

I have packed a large, silver suitcase of art supplies. I think I should go get my neighbor's scale to weigh the massive, silver thing. However, I might not want to know how much it weighs. I want to sleep well tonight. I hope someone else has a very light suitcase, so I can share my "treasures" with them.

Tomorrow, I speak in my church's missions class about my trip to Hungary. I have the PowerPoint ready, and I am praying the class will see my heart for Jesus and for what happened in Hungary this summer. As I close out my presentation, I am going to ask everyone to make a story rope to share their stories. I am hoping everyone will enjoy the space I will create for sharing our stories. 

I purchased some "guy" stuff to put on the story rope. This will be a first - to have many men make the story rope, but I truly think they will be blessed by doing them. 

OK, maybe I'll go get that scale.

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