Thursday, September 8, 2011

Artful Story Tags

One way to share our stories or the Gospel in an artful way, is to use "tags" one can find at any office supply story in the USA. The tag area is not too grand, so the work does not seem too daunting, even for the beginner. I'll be bringing hundreds of these tags with me to Cambodia. I'll invite many to use them as a platform to share story or the good news of Jesus' love for each of us.

The above tags, made by a friend here in the United States, shares the Gospel message using words from magazines, calligraphy, colors, shapes and fabric. I am thinking the calligraphy will be important to use in Cambodia. I probably won't be able to share English words from magazines for use there.

I am certain my friend will share the love of Jesus with many through these simple, yet beautiful, label tags. The final step in making this particular visual storytelling piece is to make a protective sleeve to store the tags. I am looking forward to seeing how my friend designed the sleeve!


  1. This might be helpful to you too, Marcia. When I taught workshops in China, I asked the students to bring their own magazines to class. I also collected magazines on the plane flights there. That way we had materials in their own language.

  2. Thanks so much, Gerda!