Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Art For Cambodia

Painted Papers Collage, Cambodia Safe House
"September 11th taught us that we can use our imagination either to destroy lives or to save lives. On 9/11 we had on the one hand militant hijackers who turned their imaginative vengeance into determined evil acts. On the other hand were firefighters who climbed the falling towers. We have to realize that before any of these terrorist acts were committed, they were imagined." Mako Fugimura, artist who loves Jesus

I have been selling prints of original art to help support my trip to Cambodia. Sometimes I share art to help tell my story, or I encourage others to make art to share their stories. Sometimes I make art just for the joy and beauty that comes into my soul from the process. I also enjoy adding to the beauty around me. I hope to make my home or your home a beautiful place because of my artwork. Life is so much richer because of art.

Yes, selling the artwork helps buy plane tickets to work with new friends in faraway places such as Cambodia. That's really helpful, and I am thankful for the many supporters who have bought art. If you want to buy a print of something you see on this page, email me and I will give you directions for donating tax free to the Cambodia trip. 

When I see the big, beautiful sunflower, I smile, thinking of fields and fields of sunflowers looking up to their creator, and me, in Italy or Hungary. I love those fields; I want to stop and paint in the middle of them. I rejoice in the beauty of them. I'm thinking of God's beauty, His artwork, when I see them racing past my train window or van window on my way to pressing engagements. 

By making the paintings of them, I imagine those fields far away now, I finally stop, and enjoy the beauty through art. 

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