Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Breakfast With Marc and Judi

Story Collage in Hungary

'You're working for the "company." ' I burst out laughing as this game continues. My older brother can always make me laugh.

My brother Marc, and his wife, Judi, came for a quick visit last night as they were returning home from Hawaii. Marc is the brother who thinks I work for the CIA. This morning, while giving Judi some prints to help support the trip to Cambodia, Marc commented again about my CIA activities because of the far flung places I go. I had to chuckle. And, then I thought about his comment a bit.

Well, I am trying to help people, to be a woman who brings light and love in dark places where many do not want to go. Using art. (I think that's what gets to him a bit - like it can't be real.) I am trying to be a part of the advancement of a "kingdom" of the Lord of love and light using art of all things. Really. 

Judi mentions that an acquantance used to go to Cambodia to help. Does this appease Marc? I look over, but he still is giving me that long sideways glance signaling the, "I know you are a CIA agent, so don't kid around with me" look. If he only knew. I think about inviting him on a trip to, say, Nepal.

I mention I'll be staying an extra week to do art with the children in the safe home, and that really gets him going. I know this is all in fun. Or is it? 

Love you, Marc! Hope you go to Nepal.


  1. I love you too, provided you haven't put a contract out on me for having blown your cover. I wouldn't put it past the CIA to use "art" as a weapon. Beauty & truth might be the next weapons of choice. I'm going to hide now.