Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Unsung Hero - Rosa(Roza)

Rosa, our translator at various times, with Pastor Wayne

I first met Rosa when he was serving me lunch at the Hope and Health Cafe - the very first CHO restaurant in Poipet. I wanted coffee with milk, but that's not really how you say it in Cambodia. He was incredibly patient with me, and waited for me to fumble through my order until we arrived at "Hot coffee milk."

The next time I really noticed Rosa was when he was driving us somewhere, and then he became my translator. It started to dawn on me that CHO workers have to multi-task much more so than Americans. Driving is not easy in Poipet when slogging through  a foot and a half of muddy water while getting to Safe Haven, and neither is translating quick talking Americans. I am very animated when I am speaking, and Rosa is cool, calm and collected as he translates. His manner slows me down and we form a good pace for translation.

Rosa listening for translation
One of the last night's I was in Poipet, several of us went out to dinner to say farewell to Josh, an Australian who has just come upon CHO, Chomno and all the amazing things happening in Cambodia. (He wants to be a part of it, now.) For this dinner out, Rosa was not driving, serving or translating. I was glad to see him being able to relax a bit, and I was happy he was with us without working.(Well, maybe he was, and we just didn't know it!)

Thank you, Rosa, for all you do at CHO and for sharing the love of Jesus in all the ways you serve. You are an example to all of us! 

Rosa serving communion at Soldier Camp.

Rosa Translating for Pastor Wayne at the pastors' conference.

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