Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful for Gretchen

I've come through two weeks of recovery from a respiratory infection and jet lag. Still, once in a while, like today, my body thinks it's night when it is day. On the whole, however, I am on the mend and beginning to dream and hope for other times of travel. For now, I have workshops planned with my church family and leaders of others who need to tell their stories.
Gretchen in the Pattaya Slum

I have been thinking about my roommate for the Cambodian adventure. Gretchen, my roommate, and I, were paired up together for the 15 days the team was in Cambodia. This pairing was a huge gift. An instant, meaningful friendship of "iron sharpening iron" began for us. At least, she sharpened me. We laughed and cried together, prayed together, plotted for some free time together - and once took it:-), and had numerous thought-provoking discussions on what is happening in Cambodia and why. (I didn't know much.)

Gretchen suggested I read Cambodia's Curse which is no light read. I ordered it while on the trip and devoured it when I was resting back at home. It was sobering, and reading it brought greater clarity as to why Cambodia is the way it is. I am thankful Gretchen suggested it. I am thankful she has so enriched my life and my understanding of the world.

God often brings women as friends to me who are beautiful, are very well dressed (Gretchen's shoes are out of this world) and incredibly perceptive and articulate. After my time with them, I think I should wear more make-up and get some decent accessories that match my clothes. Seriously. I always want to grow when around friends like Gretchen. And yet, she seems to genuinely like me just the way I am.(Phew.)

When we'd come back to the hotel room, from some wild, jungle heat and dirt adventure in Cambodia, I'd prop my feet up on the wall higher than my head as I sat, well, laid, on the bed. I'd often be tapping out messages on my aqua blue covered Mac(Help! Get me out of here! - No, not really.), and she'd be doing something important and meaningful with all her film and photos on her Mac. (She is a videographer and has her own production company.)

So tonight, I am sharing a very special friend with you, who happened to be (all praise to God) a wonderful gift to me on the journey in Cambodia.Thank you so much, Gretchen!

Gretchen and I are next to each other kneeling.
As iron sharpens iron,
   so one person sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17

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