Thursday, November 10, 2011

Chomno and Hope

Chomno completing the "Break the Cycle" bike ride.
When I think of a picture of hope, I think of Chomno in Cambodia. Hope is something you are certain of, but it may be something to see sometime in the future. Chomno and his wife, Kim, must have this type of hope if they keep advancing good and beauty and truth in the face of so much opposition and evil. 
And, they do! Today, may I ask, if you are reading this, will you take a moment to pray for Chomno, the most amazing picture of hope I know in Cambodia? Thanks.

Chomno at the opening of Hope Transformation Center.

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  1. I love Chomno. What an incredible man of God!!! He is truly a gift of hope for Cambodia. May his ministry and work go from strength to strength....