Monday, November 7, 2011

Flowering Mural - Flowering Lives

Mural in a meeting room in Pattaya, Thailand, where the Freedom Stone Necklaces were being made.

I love the bright, vivid colors of this tree as the flowers and designed branches weave through the mural painting. I think it would be a great type of mural to paint in different locations around the world. I know, in Hungary, this way of painting the tree would be readily accepted and enjoyed. Maybe Nicaragua?

I don't know what the Thai words are saying below the flowers, and no one I spoke with seemed to know either. So, if you speak Thai and want to help translate, I would be very appreciative! 

We met and prayed under this flowering tree as we prepared to meet girls in the bars and along the beach. We were asking God for rescue for many thousands of children, both boys and girls, who are enslaved in the sex traffic industry there in Pattaya. We also sat with, and heard from, a beautiful young woman, who leads the work in the Pattaya Slum Ministry, as she explained what would be happening as we partnered with her when we would be visiting the ministry. After meeting under this "tree", we headed out joyfully to serve "the least of these."

Giving medical care in the Pattaya Slum

Our lives were flowering as we served, and, hopefully, their lives were beginning to flower in vivid color as well.

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