Friday, November 11, 2011

Let's Go Food Shopping in Cambodia

Really Fresh Market
In the spirit of preparing for a good, fresh Thanksgiving meal, I thought I'd show you food shopping photos from Cambodia today. There are outdoor markets in set locations in each town or city, and there are street venders as well. Let's just say, I never saw a "Safeway" or "Fred Meyer" type store while I was there. They might be there, but they were tucked away somewhere other than where I was!


One could buy fresh eels, many other fish from streams and gulleys, sticky 
treats and hot stir-fried type things with mounds of rice from the side of the road venders. We often saw pigs, strapped upside down to motorcyle back areas or even truckloads of pigs that were upsidedown. I guess when a pig is like this, he can't really move. 

Mango and Sticky Rice
I want to emphasize that as you are preparing for the eatingest holdays coming up, maybe you want to add some rice to the meal. I'd strongly suggest sticky rice and mango....that would make the best dessert you have had for Thanksgiving. It would be a wonderful, dilectible way of remembering all our friends in Cambodia. Now, does anyone know where you can get a really fresh mango in the USA? At least in the Seattle area?

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