Monday, October 31, 2011

Sophy - Not Lost In Translation

Sophy, translating the Prodigal Son Story - with our team member, Trisha

Have you ever tried to explain yourself or something to a friend, spouse, audience and they just don't get it?  Even in one's own country where we all speak the same language, we need other people to come alongside us to help "translate" what we are trying to say. I think of counselors, support group leaders, articulate friends and pastors who have tried to "translate" important matters of my heart and mind to others or even to me for understanding.

When I go to a foreign country and share the Gospel, my story and ask others to share their stories through art, the translator is key in having this happen. When using a translator, I have to have a certain level of trust and a bit of risk-taking ability in order to share the essence of my story and the Gospel. In Cambodia we had women: 1. share their stories through story ropes, and 2. we shared the Gospel through art tags and the collaged papers cards of The Prodigal Son. We needed excellent transation.

My first translator, the one who did all translation with the women's groups, was Sophy. I am passionate when I share my story or the Gospel. So was Sophy. I get animated. So did Sophy. I acted things out. So did Sophy. I grabbed her, she grabbed me. Let's just say, Sophy is an amazing, amazing translator, and nothing was lost in translation.

Sophy and my feet, showing our working in concert to share story.

Sophy and I had a couple of meals together along with Allison from Freedom Stones after my team left. Allison and Sophy got "fast food" off the side of the road for dinner a couple of times and munched on it on my hotel floor. Sophy (and Allison) are as nice as can be, funny and joy-filled. We had a great time together both while sharing story and just hanging out. I wish she lived next door. Thank you, thank you, Sophy.

The proud, older brother who did love the father's heart, just the father's things. From the story of the Prodigal Son told by Jesus Christ in the Bible.

Tomorrow - hear about my translator Rosa (Roza).

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