Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Grab your Coffee at Hope Transfomation Center

Destiny Cafe in the heart of Poipet, Cambodia
Miraculously, a really pretty cafe and bakery is tucked among the dirt, mud and oppressive heat of Poipet, Cambodia at Hope Transformation Center. Here, you can purchase special coffees and yummy cakes and breads, and sit around chatting about life, ideas, faith and dreams. If you have been following this blog or know anything about Cambodia, you know how miraculous this center is.

Grab your coffee and have a seat!

After picking your jaw up off the ground, you can head on over to the Redemption Spa, where you can set a spell and relax, clean up a bit and enjoy knowing you are helping young girls and boys get away from the sex traffic industry. I believe there is a dream for a beauty salon at the spa, one day soon.

Redemption Spa

You'll bump into Chomno and his wife, Kim, Thea, Sophy, Rosa, Angie and Mary serving the coffee, Hang and the New Bloom gang heading off to work, and many more amazing people who I can't remember the names of at this moment. I suggest you go sometime and check out the whole, beautiful scene.

Hope Transformation Center
Yep, this is an actual cup of coffee at Hope Transformation Center. Amazing!

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