Friday, November 4, 2011

Time For Prayer and Action

One Open Air Bar in Pattaya

Tonight, Chomno from Cambodian Hope Organization is flying into Seattle for a brief visit. I hear he is flying out again Monday morning. He is attending a dessert tonight, put on by Frontline for Justice(see on this blog's sidebar), and all in attendence will here about the latest happenings to help rescue sex trafficked girls in Cambodia. 

Many of the girls that are in the sex traffic industry come from Cambodia, but work in Thailand - often in Pattaya - where everything and everyone is for sale.
Prayer and action is needed in a variety of ways in both countries in order for this horrible practice to end. Many are getting involved, and some are being rescued, learning a new skill, and being cared for in a way that they can return to life outside the bars. (The photo above shows a bar just like the one our team went to when we played Connect 4 and Jenga with the girls.)

We have recently heard that a few girls from the bar we visited one night on our trip, have come to some meetings to hear about leaving the bar scene and getting training for other types of employment. This is a big answer to prayer and because of much action on the part of several, especially the ones working day in and day out in Pattaya.

There is all kinds of hope, in the end; all the helping hands are making a real difference. As the CHO (Cambodian Hope Organization) T-Shirts state: "the night is nearly over, the day is almost here." Romans 12:13 Let us continue to pray and act.

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