Monday, October 17, 2011

Sharing Jesus with Gospel Tags

Making Gospel Tags at the Pastors' Wives Conference

One way I teach others to share their faith is with the Story Tags.  Story tags are label tags one obtains from any office supply store, and then one shares their story, part of their story, the Gospel message or some difficulty, shame, conflict or joy in their story by making art on the tags. It is a small space to collage; the project does not seem overwhelming for those wanting to participate. The tags help facilitate story-telling.

The pastors' wives went home with a set of 5 cards that they can use to share the Gospel with friends and family in their villages.

When my team went to soldier camp, we used my set of the the Gospel tags to share Jesus' love for each one of the ladies sitting and listening so patiently. It was amazing to see how the art, with the Holy Spirit, became a bridge that passed language barriers and struck a chord in the hearts of the women. Many asked to embrace God's love through Jesus that beautiful afternoon. Those hands raised by the women will long be in our memory.

Gospel Tags made by a team member

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