Saturday, October 15, 2011

Visit to AIDS/HIV Hospice

 Praying for AIDS Patient, Photograph by Gretchen Huizinga@

The rain continues to pour down in Cambodia; the flooding continues to increase throughout the country. Please pray for these dear people as they live in water much of the time.

One place we visited on our journey in Poipet, this past month, with the partnership of Chomno and Cambodian Hope Organization(CHO), was the AIDS/HIV Hospice near the border. Workers from CHO, led by Chomno's wife, Kim, feed these patients daily. What an amazing ministry.

We came to pray with each person. Bringing the love of Jesus, extending worth and value to each, we prayed they each would embrace God's amazing love evidenced by giving us all the gift of Jesus.  We prayed for healing, hope, comfort and peace with God. It is our desire they sensed God's love brought through us as we sat and touched hands and prayed for each one. It is hard to put into words what was happening in each of us.

We gave them the loving gift of touch as our hearts were breaking for their situation. We were all blessed to have had the priviledge to pray with them. God bless each one of them.

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