Friday, October 21, 2011

Teaching Collaged Cards For a Small Business

One New Art Friend in Poipet

One way to help children and young adults to flee the sex traffic industry/slave labor for good is by providing other jobs, in good working situations, as well as teaching skills that could help for future employment. CHO, Cambodian Hope Organization is working hard to provide various types of employment for those escaping the sex traffic industry or enslaved work. 

Chomno, director at CHO, asked if I would teach a group of women and one young man, how to make collaged cards and how to make some jewelry. The items they make will sell in the cafe that is being established at Hope Transformation Center. And, any items they make can also be sold in America and abroad.

I set up an art studio, of sorts, for the group to learn collage. They seemed to struggle at first, but I kept modeling different collage ideas throughout the day, and they were really taking off after a few hours. Their diligence really impressed me. They kept trying to cut the papers into shapes they had never tried before; their main roles have been as seamstresses. Adaptability was the order of the day, and they won first prize for their efforts in that regard. Below is some of their card making work. Enjoy! If you want one, let me know.

I told them they could tell a story using collage.

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