Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Spending Time At Sak Saum

                       A purse made at Sak Saum - one of many of their creations!
"Sak Saum believes in the restoration of the whole person - physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual. Often we are asked — how do you see someone healed in every area of their lives? The answer is by walking out daily life. For our girls, a conversation over lunch about a healthy diet, working through a conflict during the work day, serving a blind woman dinner, discussing the Bible during morning devotions, receiving counseling for abusive pasts or family hurts, and learning how to budget money for rice and gas are some of the many ways they experience healing and restoration." - Sak Saum, Cambodia

Sak Saum is a creative, innovative organization in Cambodia. I will have the priviledge of serving in the art therapy room at Sak Saum when I travel there this fall. I, along with one other team member, will have some time there. I'll share Jesus' love and help some beautiful women tell part of their stories through art making. I am hoping to share story ropes and story collage with them. I am praying I will be a blessing and a grace-filled resource for the women there. Please pray with me! To find out more about Sak Saum, see here: Sak Saum 

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